Reading Cafe

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Once a month ,during the morning Starting Block, Evans Elementary students visit the Readers’ Café. In the library, an adult volunteer
reader introduces a favorite book. They discuss why it is a favorite, share aloud an interesting, catchy, strong excerpt from the book, and
encourage the students to check the book out from the library. The students then move to the Café’, also known as the lunchroom. A
portion has been transformed with seasonal or theme candles, tablecloths, and napkins. The students visit and enjoy a snack provided
by the Evans PTO and served by parent volunteers.
This program to foster an interest in reading for students, was sparked by Jamie Springfield and Martha Killion, language arts teachers
at Evans. They attended a Content Literacy conference conducted by Dr. Steven Layne, author of Igniting a Passion for Reading and many
other books. He challenged the educators at the conference to make the Café’ idea work at their school. It definitely works at Evans