6th Grade Happenings

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Mrs. Cash's 1st period Language Arts’ Class did a book study on Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. This book study coincided with Mrs. Kellison's Social Studies unit, The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl. These students not only read the book, but they brought it to life with their "Journey Through the Dust" museum. The students we responsible for bringing in pictures, music, and items from the Great Depression. They each had a job that helped to bring this museum to life. The guides, pictured above, Evie Patterson, Lisa Juan, Dynver Rogers, and Andrew Hansford were in charge of walking groups through the museum. The design team set up the museum, made the signs, wrote captions, and brought in items. Some of the items are in the picture above. One team was in charge of making the pamphlet that was used to give information about the museum. The last group, was in charge of the powerpoint. Each student worked so hard to pull this off. It was a huge success! The next museum will be on the books Number the Stars and October Sky. This museum will be April 23- 26, 2013.


6th Grade Math

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 6th Grade Black Team Math (Mrs. Malone) students used a classroom size coordinate plane grid and counting chips to plot ordered pairs and determine in which quadrant the point was plotted. Partners plotted two ordered pairs and determined whether it was a reflection of the x- or y-axis. Finally, given an ordered pair and the axis of reflection, students had to plot the reflected ordered pair.
 Sixth grade students at Evans Elementary were making a scale model sun in their science classes. They put scale model earths and moons across it. The Sun scale diameter: 109 inches, Earth scale diameter: 1 inch, Moon scale diameter: .25 inches. It made understanding scale much easier.
February was Digital Learning Month!
Evans 6th grade teachers Tammy Miller and Melody McCranie did some digital team
teaching through 6th grade reading and Social Studies classes to generate student-
created vodcasts dealing with the Great Depression Era! Students scoured the web
to collect facts and photos of the important event in Social Studies and then put
together their vodcasts using i-movie technology and uploaded them to i-tunes.
In reading class, they used i-pods to share their vodcasts with other students and
then engaged in a writing activity about what they had learned from each other in
their student blog! See their thoughts on their own personal total digital learning
experiences at: http://teacherweb.com/Blog/AL/EvansElementary/TammyMiller/1/default.aspx


6th Grade Working Hard During Digital Learning Month