6th Grade Supply List
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

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2017 Evans Elementary School

6th Grade Supply List

1½ in 3 ring binder- (personal-reading)
1 in 3 ring binder- (personal-social studies/science)
½ in 3 ring binder- (personal-math)
1 pack of 8 count pocket tabs- (personal)
3 packs of pencils- (please no mechanical pencils- 1 shared, 2 personal)
1 pencil pouch for binder- (personal)
2 Small pencil sharpener- (personal)
2 highlighters-(personal)
2 packs of pencil top erasers- (1 personal and 1 shared)
1 pair of scissors- (personal)
1 pack of colored pencils-( personal)
2 packs of markers- (regular colors-1 shared, 1 personal)
1 pack of skinny markers- (shared:reading)
4 composition notebooks- ( all personal: 2 reading, 2 math)
4 packs of notebook paper- ( 3 personal and 1 shared)
1 pack of graph paper- (personal)
1 PLASTIC folder WITH prongs- (personal: reading)
1 pack of 6 glue sticks- (shared: 3 science, 2 social studies, and 1 reading)
1 pack of 4 multicolored dry erase markers- (shared: homeroom teacher)
1 pair of earbuds- (personal- to remain in binder at all times)
1 pack of construction paper (shared)
1 basic 4 function calculator- $1
2   24 pack crayons (shared-reading)
3 prong paper folder with pockets (personal-math)
Deodorant for personal hygiene

Optional donated items for the classroom:
Hand sanitizer
Gallon size storage bags
Quart size storage bags
1 pack of copy paper
Sanitizing/cleaning wipes
Box of tissue
Sticky notes
(shared)- means that these supplies will be given to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the year. These supplies will be used by all students in that particular class.
(personal)- means that the students will keep these supplies in their binder and will be expected to bring these supplies to class EVERYDAY.

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